Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz


On The Street Where I Live

Boston Cyberarts Festival
Boston, MA
Ralph On the Street Where I Live is an immersive 3-dimensional environment of sight and sound. This surrealistic world was inspired by the paintings of Joan MirĂ³ and constructed in part with designs and colors from some of my paintings. Street is the kind of street possible only in our dreams, and like a dream, this virtual world freely mixes elements of the real world such as recognizable street signs with strange and out-of-place characters, objects and sounds.

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My Perfect Body

d.u.m.b.o Arts Center
Brooklyn, New York
Susie Spandex My Perfect Body was part of an exhibition featuring Brooklyn artists whose work seen together in contrast arouses anticipation, fear, excitement, domination and surveillance. Guest curated by Helen Varola, AnXious opened January 19th and continued through March 10th, 2002 at the d.u.m.b.o arts center (dac).

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Absolutely Fashionable

Soho20 Gallery
New York , NY

The intersection of fashion and art has recently become an unparalleled subject of cultural discourse. Fashion's ascension to pop art status, and its implicit social and psychosexual dimensions have been examined by artists and curators alike. As a spoof of the ubiquitous fashion "shoot", Schwartz's installation, Asbolutely Fashionable!, partakes in this discursive vocabulary. It incorporates a wall of head shots, an over-sized disposable camera, studio lighting, suspended mannequins and a corresponding web site.

- Jane Harris, 1998, Independent Curator and Art Critic

The web site functioned as the virtual half of the installation, allowing the mannequins to share their personas with viewers who were encouraged to email them for fashion and beauty tips.

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